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More Viable Business Opportunities and Start Up Ideas

Business, Commercial Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring and giving Advice

You might see your business as selling advice in an area, where you have a particular skill, acquired, say, through your former activity. You might even be in the lucky position to have your old employer as a client from the start.

One of our senior consultants here was in that position. In the early 1980's, he was employed by a large international computer manufacturer at its European Headquarters in Paris in a financial capacity. His job included planning and supervising the financial part of new manufacturing plants in Europe and Asia. That included doing advantageous tax and subsidy deals for the company, in return for placing new manufacturing units in countries like Ireland, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Scotland and Thailand and, much later, China and Vietnam.

In addition, he was also watching over the financial side of the construction and equipment purchases. When the company, as a result of temporarily declining sales, decided to move his job from Paris to the U.S.A., he proposed to his employer to continue as their "captive" consultant. After some hesitation, the company accepted and he continued to have a beneficial relationship with the company for more than a decade. Although, he had to accept some restrictions for whom he could work as a consultant, during the first five years, there were still enough companies that desired his services outside the strict business area of his former employer. At the same time, the relative security of the income from his former employer, now his client, enabled him to build up a whole consulting group, centered around placing manufacturing, research and administrative units in foreign countries.

This is a fairly typical example of how new business ventures are created by the economic ups and downs through which companies go. The key for the consultant is that he starts early enough to venture out and find new clients, so that changes in the management structure within his former employer and now major client, will not suddenly leave him "high and dry"!

Working as a consultant can be a difficult business. Besides your technical skills to solve the clients problems, you have to have good sales skills, to convince the client that you will provide the solution. Moreover, you require good people skills, to convince the client to do, what you tell him. Unlike an employed manager, where you have authority inherent in your position, as a consultant, you do not have any authority. Your power and potential success is purely the result of knowledge and more importantly, persuasion!

The array of required skills is considerable, if you want to start a consulting business. Many consulting businesses fail, because their initiator did not clearly understand the distinct aspects of the skills needed. Often, consultants are not good at selling solutions to the client. Or, they get into conflict with the client about the steps that should lead to the solution to the problem. Clients often have strong views about what works and what does not within their company.

Starting up a consulting business, there are a few areas where you should be careful to spend your money wisely.

Spend some money on good basic systems, such as a decent accounting package (e.g. , a time management package, a presentation system. Why? Because knowing how much money you have outstanding and when the money comes in, in other words cash management is one of the keys! Time management is the other key item in this business. There are integrated Time Billing and Accounting Systems available at reasonable prices. We assume that you know what you are doing, so presentation to clients is, naturally, a key skill that puts you above your competition!
Read a lot about the consulting business. Even "how-to-books" often contain ideas that are useful in starting this business. There are also areas where other peoples experiences prevent you from making the same mistakes.
When you start your consultants business, don't go out and design and print a glossy brochure. It is almost always a total waste of time and money.
Go and talk to people, trying to make notes, if not at the meeting, then immediately afterwards!. Listening to their problems and how they think, they are going to solve them If they have any solution at all. Then think about it, and come up with solutions that you are able to present to them.
Think about what you heard. Then outline, in a short write-up what you will be doing, how you do it and what kind of effect this should have on their business. Don't forget to think about how you are going to measure the effects of the "improvements" you propose. If you have a possibility, show it to the people you talked with. Otherwise, just keep it as "case notes". They will come in handy at some stage, provided you catalogue them properly! But, don't be too "pushy" with friends and acquaintances. Keep a reasonable balance between your business interests and the value of their friendship!

Below are some products and books that will help you. Some, are just informative and should make you think. Others are specific tools, that cover important areas in the administration and management of consulting.



A Consulting Blueprint

Discover how you can turn your lifetime of experience into a highly successful career as a business consultant.

With this book, you might get your first consultancy contract. There are systems that  help you turn “Casual Discussions into Lucrative Consulting Contracts” again and again... The system takes you from tentative prospecting all the way to writing consulting proposals.

There are many reasons for becoming a consultant:

Perhaps, you are an Executive who wants to keep your hand in after retirement
You want to enhance your Skills while undertaking Outplacement
You want to do some Freelance Consulting between jobs
You may be facing Redundancy and want that extra security
You want to start up a new business venture

Whatever the reason, it works for first-timers with no referrals. You get consulting jobs fast and without fuss so that you can establish yourself in your consulting niche!

There are effective systems for coaches and consultants in the following fields:

Management and Process Consulting Marketing Consulting
Business Development Consultants Sales Consulting
Strategic Consulting IT Consultants
Business Consulting Human Resources Consulting
Consulting Engineers Structural Engineering

If you’re serious about starting a consulting business, having more personal and financial freedom than you ever thought possible, loving the work that you do and enjoying the respect and prestige of being an industry expert, then a Consulting Blueprint is something you should read!

Some Books about Business and other Consulting from amazon.com

Interserver Webhosting


Professional Time Billing and Accounting

Professional Time Billing are integrated time billing and accounting systems: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory, Time Billing, and Sales Analysis.

Client projects/jobs are tracked by priority and due date. Project leaders may be assigned to jobs and the tasks which make up the jobs may be assigned to general employees.

Time is billed against the tasks which make up a job. The hourly rate charged is based on the task type or from an optional custom rate for the task. A stopwatch and time calculator are included.

User-defined financial statements can be created through a simple set-up process. GL account totals and inventory totals can be viewed on screen with drill-down to original source transactions.

Sample data is provided and there is an optional Getting Started wizard to assist with entering initial live data. The wizard sets up common GL accounts which can later be changed, deleted, or added to.


Life Screening Cardiovascular

Lifestyle and Other Consulting Areas

Personal Training and Life Style Consulting are becoming ever more popular. Unlike your standard Personal Trainer, who is feeling the economic pinch, Personal Training and Lifestyle Consultants are doing better than ever. Even during the economic downturn, their business is growing. With people worrying about their economic future, they have less time to relax. This increases their stress levels, making them irritated and, hence, performing less well in their job! The downward spiral is well known! While a Personal Trainer concerns himself with your physical work out only, the Personal Training and Lifestyle Consultant goes much further. He/She wants to change your lifestyle to a healthy survivable one. One that does not make you go through the usual "slimming and bingeing cycles", all to commonly experienced. It is a sort of "total immersion" into a new lifestyle like total immersion when you go to a country and learn a new language!

Some of the key issues you will have to deal with in this business are:

quickly and easily position consultation as a must for anyone that wants to do business with you.
Where to find all the consultation clients you need
Why you’ll be able to make a multiple of your normal hourly rate by using a proper positioning strategy.
Step by step how you’ll be able to turn a one time consultation into a long term source of profit.
Why 80% of personal trainers undervalue their time and how as a Lifestyle Consultant, you can really get what you’re worth.
The key tools you’ll need if you want to make your consultations a huge success.
How, by offering Lifestyle Consultation, you can raise the revenue in every other area of your business.

There are obviously a number of areas you could incorporate into your Lifestyle Consultants business. For instance tennis training, aerobic training, riding and horse training, BMX biking, swimming, hiking and various other physical activities.

Some Books about Personal Training and Lifestyle Consulting from amazon.com

You can also create "bootcamps" or corporate training weekends. If you get together with human resources managers, you might be able to convince them that your training weekend, or maybe even in-house training after work, will reduce stress levels and therefore absenteeism.

In order to grow your business, you can start to employ personal trainers, nutritionists and other specialists. But you have to create well written manuals first, that enforce your message to your crew, so that they spread your "gospel"!


Lifestyle Consultant

You get a good training manual, that will give your business an incredible competitive advantage over competing lifestyle professionals... so much so that you'll  with hard work and dedication, become the most highly-sought-after professional in your area. 



Car Rental Rates Internationally

Selling your services as Lifestyles and Personal Training Consultant will not be easy. You have to understand the "in's and out's" of the fitness business. You might be the Lifestyle Consultant employing Personal Trainers, but you have to understand, where your future employees come from and the arguments that they have to encounter to make successful sales. The course below is also an excellent short introduction to sales strategies that you can employ in your Lifestyle Guru approach!

The package of legal forms and disclaimers will protect you from claims that potential clients may have against you. It will not protect you from negligence and stupidity, but if you are doing things right, it will give you the protection you need!

Aaptiv Workout

Some more Books on Consulting and Lifestyle from amazon.com

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