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Internal Regulations and Company Policies
Help to Create Essential and Appropriate Internal Policies

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Internal Regulations and Company Policies


Products that Help you Create Essential and Appropriate Internal Policies

For many start up entrepreneurs and beginners in business, creating written business policies is a major problem. They cannot see the importance in, what they think, is just some unnecessary bureaucratic "overhang". Yet, the moment their business is taken to court, whether in a frivolous or justifiable dispute, they wished they had clear written policies, that could be shown as justification of the way that they run their business.

In this increasing legalistic world, having sound rationales along which business is being run and being able to show that these rationales are being followed in day to day operations is an important aspect of business policy that protects the operators as well as clients. The products below give you the basis of policies and make it easier to create such policies and adapt them to one's own business environment.

The different Levels of Company Policies

Business people often talk about "policy", "standard", and "guideline" to refer to documents, that are part of the company policy infrastructure. To avoid confusion, we define the individual terms as follows:

A company policy is a document that outlines defined requirements or rules that must be met at all times. In the corporate policy area, policies are usually specific, dealing with a single subject area. For example, a "Terms of Use" policy would cover the rules and regulations for appropriate use of an internet site, or an e-mail system.

A company standard is usually a set of system-specific or procedural-specific instructions or requirements that must be met by everyone within the organization. For instance, you might have a company standard for the text of customer support letters or offers to customers that must be adhered to at all times.

A company guideline is a set of rules that would reflect best practice. They are not requirements that have to be met, but are strongly recommended to be followed. These guidelines may have come about historically and are followed, based on verbal instruction. It is a good practice to write such guidelines down, publish and distribute them to employees, so that they are clearly defined and unambiguous.

Corporate policies usually make references to standards and guidelines that exist within a company.

Interserver Webhosting

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Email can be an incredibly informal method of communication and is also viral in nature. The ease and speed at which email messages can be written,responded to and forwarded to many recipients can present a range of risks to organizations -- if not sufficiently controlled. These risks include:

Breach of confidentiality
Damage to reputation
Lost productivity (use of personal e-mails on corporate computers)
Legal liability
Damage to IT systems and electronic files
Increasing IT network traffic

In most cases, employers rather than employees are held legally responsible for the contents of messages transmitted from their email systems. As a consequence, inappropriate emails can result in significant penalties imposed by the courts.

This unique Email Policy template doesn't only contain the actual email policy document itself, but also comes with helpful advice on how to roll the policy out across your entire organization.

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Creating an Internet Policy

The power of the Internet can be harnessed to provide significant benefits within organizations. Conversely, if not used appropriately, it can present a number of risks if not sufficiently controlled.

The good news is these risks can be managed effectively by the implementation of a well drafted corporate Internet Policy. WorkingDocs.com™ Internet Policy has been drafted by experts and is already being used in a number of organizations around the world.

You can be up and running with your new Internet Policy defined, just minutes from now.  All without paying expensive professional fees to invent your policy from scratch.

Maybe you were expecting to have to pay hundreds to receive a document and implementation plan of this quality. But if you act quickly, you can enjoy all the benefits of a professional written Internet Policy for your organization.

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Security and Employee Activity Monitoring

Similarly, knowing what is being done on your business computers and having a record of it, whether it is your own or one of your employees, may save you lots of money in some future dispute. Salus, the discrete security and File Access Monitoring Program offers you that opportunity without interfering into, or hindering your daily operation.

It is not a question of spying on your employees, but more a protective measure, through which you have an irrefutable record for the last 999 days of what you did on your computer systems.

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Review in Nice-Matin (Nice, France) by Jean-Michel Dumas (Oct 2001)




Salus - File Access Monitoring - Employee Monitoring Productivity Control Tool
(See also
the complete description of the program)

Salus is a security and access monitoring application which allows the owner or user of any computer system, be it a desktop, server or laptop, to see which files are accessed, when, for how long, which Internet sites are being connected to, who sends e-mail to where, and so on. In fact, the program keeps a detailed log of all the activities performed on the computer. The program can be made invisible to the user of the computer, giving access only to authorized persons. It is therefore an ideal security program for companies or within the family, where one might want to watch over the activities of a child's or employee's computer use.

Some selected Examples for the Use of Salus are :

To find out what the user, employee or your children are doing in your computer.
To detect abuses, non authorized accesses, Internet pages visited, etc.
To discover what programs are being used when and for how long.
To recover lost or forgotten passwords.
To recover information that was written or copied to the clipboard.
To recover information when a program or the whole system hangs up.
To recover the address of an internet page from a key word, such as a date it was visited, etc
To control employees activities such as employees engaged in telework, sales or technical support functions.
If the user is himself a person authorized to access the program, then it can serve as record of what he/she did on a particular day or time (e.g. consultants or employees whose time is being billed to third parties..

The program is totally hidden from the user and does not require Internet access. Since it does not accept remote instructions, it is safe from hackers and other unauthorized access.Only the person installing the program, can decide who has access to its information. That is why you will not see any reference to the program in the start-up menu of Windows.

The program has been tested on a multitude of systems, running a vast array of application programs and games to verify its compatibility. It offers complete stability and does not interfere with any other program running on the system. Although, it controls and records access to programs, it does not modify these programs in any way.

All versions have English, French, German, Spanish language options.

yippee.net Review

Salus is a "supercool" and "supertight" surveillance utility. Once installed Salus will sit hidden and mysterious - collecting information about which programs are run on your computer and what text is typed on the keyboard! The program is completely inaccessible to the unaware as gaining access to it can only be achieved by typing the correct password. All surveillance information can be retrieved on a day-by-day basis - making Salus a great way to keep tabs on your computer usage.

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