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Small Business Websites

How to Start a Business

Assessing your own Abilities
Some Initial Thoughts about a Start-up
The Business Plan
Creating an Internet Presence

Different Forms of Incorporation and where you can Incorporate

Why you should Incorporate
The Advantages of Incorporation and The Forms of Incorporation

Where to Incorporate
The State Agencies

 The State Agencies for Incorporation

The Technical Business Skills and Tools

Accounting Systems Cash Management and Financial Analysis
Marketing Tools and Utilities for Business Ventures on and off the Internet
Making your Product known to the Public: Product Propagation and Public Relations 
Good Tools for Expanding your Internet Presence
Affiliate Marketing on the Internet: Tools and Information
Establishing sensible Internal Regulations and Company Policies

Some Ideas for New Business Ventures

Viable Business Opportunities
General Comments about Start-ups - Cleaning, Maintenance, Facilities Management, Organizing

More viable Business Ideas
Various Kinds of Business Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring - Sports, Personal Training and Lifestyle Consulting - Fitness Bootcamps

More good Business Ideas
The Bed and Breakfast Business - Debt/Credit Counselor and Financial Counselor - Certified Financial Planner

- Becoming an Image Consultant

Franchising Opportunities to become an Entrepreneur
How to evaluate a Franchise Opportunity. Some basic Rules.


Questions, Resources and Links

Frequently Asked Questions
Anything you want and need to know about starting a Business

Links to other Sites for Small Business Information
If you want to know how other people see the problems about starting a business look here at the sites where we have linked to forums and information sites

Resources for Starting your Business
This page is for the small things: Like where do I get a rubber stamp? Who sells good office furniture? Which computer is right for me?....and many more


Ink and Laser Cartridges for your Business

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Links to Forums and other Websites that offer advise on how to start a Business or how to run a small Business

We thought it important that you know what other people think or write about the topic. Consequently, we have created a page with links to other sites. We do neither endorse nor criticize any of these pages. So it is up to you, the reader, to look what is useful and what is not!

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While we make every effort to keep the links as up to date as possible, it happens that some links may not work because the site owners have changed the details of the links or moved a page. If a link does not work, always try to get back to the homepage of that particular site: e.g. if the link indicated is http://www.gov.com/page 25223.htm and it does not work or gives you a 404 error (page not found), try http://www.gov.com on its own, and then try to find the page this way!

The links on this page are not about suppliers, but only about information on small business and creating new ventures or, improving their operation. They are supposed to help new or existing business owners find their way in an ever more complex business environment.

Business Forums for Start-Up's and Small Business Ventures

  Small Business Forum A Forum that lists topics of interest for small business owners and start-ups
  The Small Business Community Forums A Forum that has answers to questions on topics which visitor posed. Everything from tax to employment to bank financing etc.
  Small Business Ideas Forum Another Forum that lets you leave questions which may or may not get answered by visitors.
  Business Know How A website that offers information and advice on Business Ideas, Financing, leadership, starting a business and so on. It offers an extensive discussion forum.
  Young Entrepreneur A site for young entrepreneurs that offers articles, write ups and advise to anyone starting or running a business
  Start Up Nation (Small Business Knowledge Hub) A site by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs where you can ask direct questions and are then directed to write ups on the topic you want advice.
  Open Forum A small business forum operated by American Express with good info on money and financing etc.
  Small Business Forum by C-NET (ZD-NET) You can post questions on topics of your choice.
  Global IBX - Free Business for Sale Exchange A discussion forum about small business and start-up's. You have to register to enter the forum
  A Small Business Computer Forum This forum is centered around small business and e-commerce with buyers guides, hardware and software information

Low Cost Small Business Websites

  BAF - Business Advice Forum An online community, of website owners, small business owners and those considering starting their own business. As a member, you can discuss business issues, share business advice and get help with building and promoting your website
  The Business Owners Idea Cafe The place where you can discuss anything with fellow entrepreneurs. If you are selective, you might find some useful information
  Topix.com - A small Business Forum with write-ups on topics and comments Topix has a Small Business Forum based in the British Virgin Islands. In addition, you get the news from the Islands.
  Accounting & Bookkeeping & Small Business Forum • Index page - Universal Accounting A website that offers accounting and bookkeeping tips for small business ventures with a discussion forum
  The Business Forum OnLine An independent professional resource center for the owners/managers of the emerging business and entrepreneurs
  Intuit Small Business Community You can get answers to most of your small business questions at the Intuit Community. There is also a separate entrepreneurs forum for QuickBooks questions and answers. They have a number of categories such as Get Customers, Get Online, Manage Money,Tax and Business Structure, and Hiring and Managing People which are a great help.
  Bank of America Small Business Forums This is a set of entrepreneur forums, covering business opportunities, starting a business, home based business, franchise opportunities, financing tips, merchant services, accounting and budgeting, taxes and payroll, employee benefits and retirement planning, running your business, managing employees, legal and insurance, technology management, and internet/ecommerce.
  Sales Spider A site with forums on almost any business topic with over 660,000 members
  Business Nation A site with forums on most business topics
  Gaebler.com An excellent large site with extensive information on small business and entrepreneurs. There are answers to almost any questions you pose!

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Here in the USA, Government is often despised for its interference in business. However, if you are a start up, then the government often has good programs that help you finance things, which are not easy to finance (for instance export credit guarantees). In addition, there are other programs that help you on a technical level. Though, finding these programs is often difficult. Go and find out how the government can help you!


US Government Sites that Help Small Business Ventures

  osha.gov The US Department of Labor site for small business and the Occupational Safety and Health issues
  Business.gov The Official Business Link to the US Government An Online Community where you can discuss issues, share ideas and get insight from entrepreneurs, and industry and government experts on how to start, grow and manage your small business
  irs.gov The Internal Revenue site for small business
  The Small Business Administration (SBA) Programs that help you start grow and succeed. Created in 1953 as an independent agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation.
  US General Services Administration (GSA) The GSA offers many opportunities for small and large business
  EDS Small Business Program EDS' primary objective is to enable governments to focus on their core missions and become more agile. Frequently this goal is achieved in collaboration with small business. EDS engages small business, not only as a government contracting requirement, but also in the spirit of good citizenship and growing America's economy.
  USA. gov A site that helps business and non profit organizations to find the right information on USA government sites.
  Grants.gov The site where you can find what kind of grants you can get from government sources. Your source to FIND and APPLY for federal grants. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is proud to be the managing partner for Grants.gov, an initiative that is having an unparalleled impact on the grant community.
  Federal Business Opportunities Search more them 33,800 federal business opportunities
  Central Contractor Registration This is the primary registrant database for the U.S. Federal Government. CCR collects, validates, stores and disseminates data in support of agency acquisition missions - in other words the place where you have to register if you want to become a federal contractor.

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Foreign Government Sites that Help Business Ventures

  business.gov.au The Australian government's site for business. The site offers you simple and convenient access to all the government information, forms and services you need. It's a whole-of-government service providing essential information on planning, starting and growing your business.
  Business Link UK The United Kingdom government's site for business. It is a free business advice and support service if you want to set up business in the UK
  Canada Business The Canadian Government's site for setting up business in Canada. It is not specifically aimed at small business, but tells you all about the Canadian business environment.

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