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  Making your Product known to the Public: Blogs, Product Propagation and Public Relations
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Making your Product known to the Public: Product Propagation and Public Relations 
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Making your Product known to the Public: Product Propagation through Blogs and Public Relations on the Internet


Having a company and having identified some markets and some products, does not mean that people know about you. Now comes the difficult part in making your products and your expertise known to potential clients. Many business ideas have died, because of the inability of their owners to attract sufficient customers. Don't let that happen to you.

Use the systems to their fullest, either through the internet, or, through "word of mouth" or leaflets and flyers. Today you can also use blogs, ezines, twitter.com, linkedin.com, or facebook.com to propagate your ideas and what you have to offer. One thing you have to be careful though, is not to be too blatant about "tooting your own horn" on sites like twitter or facebook. Because, if you do that, people and potential customers will get turned off easily and will no longer read your contributions.

Similarly, if you use blogs, you better think hard about how you write an article that will drive people to your site. That is how products like how to write a newsletter become useful.

If you write ezines and you want them published, it is a good idea to have them formatted correctly, so that little of no editing has to be done by the recipient. The PDF Creator is a great help in that.

Sending e-mails to potential clients is another way to make yourself known. But you have to know how to formulate your e-mails and what is acceptable and what is considered spam.


How To Create Powerful, Award Winning, Money-Making, Membership Building Newsletters For Your Business, Club, Society, Group, School....

Imagine turning out a publication that just smacks of professionalism, that looks like it had a whole creative team working on it for months, that impresses its readers with editorial content, and which wins numerous awards...but you - and only you - know that it took you just 20 minutes or so to put it all together. And anytime you need to publish more editions or another newsletter...it's all there for you, just waiting to be used.



There is a big difference between permission email marketing and spamming. We are not talking about using software that can harvest emails addresses from the Web or even those CD-ROM's with "10 million email addresses" floating around. The fact is, without getting permission you are just sending out spam and that will land you in some big trouble. Sites can be shutdown, ISP's canceled and people basically being "blackballed" from the Internet community.

But opt-in email is one of the most marketing powerful tools around, and if you do not use it, whether for an on, or for an off-line business, you are not reaching a major part of your market!

1&1 Web Hosting


There are Toolkit which provide you with "Trade Secrets To Build Your Own Incredibly Successful Blog Publication". You can also apply the same techniques.

Imagine that you are the owner of an Blog with a list of 10,000 subscribers and growing. Suppose each time you click 'Send' and email your list, you were guaranteed to get 50c (as an average) for every subscriber to your list.

That's $5,000 just for writing an email - not bad!

Can this really happen? You bet it can and does!

You see, top Blog editors all know the average value of a reader and they know the secrets that create, build and maintain their hugely profitable Ezine publications. Of course some readers will never buy, but others will frequently purchase the products recommended by the list owner and that's how the average value is worked out. Now if you have an Ezine and a series of products you sell, you are on a winning streak all the way!


The concept behind content marketing is using content to build an audience BEFORE you have anything to sell them. You can then learn about your audience, their pain points, and the solutions that they would really pay money for.

There are some i blueprint for building a business from content, but more than that, it’s an extensive guide for creating content that rises up above all the noise.

Creating great content isn’t enough. You must write from the intersection of your skill and passion (your “sweet spot”), target a narrowly defined audience that will find your content indispensable, and then find a”tilt”–that content hole that no one else online is filling. By following this formula, you have a story to tell that will stand out from the clutter

In a way, it’s so simple that it’s hard to believe that this isn’t the way it’s always done. But so often, brands go into content without any real plan, or if there is a plan, it looks virtually everyone else’s.


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