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Marketing Tools and Utilities for Business Ventures on and off the Internet
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Marketing and the use of Social Media

Marketing a product or service on and off-line is quite difficult. It requires a lot of different skills. Some people see it as glorified "hucksterism", while other people argue that without marketing, there would be no sales and no customers. That is why industry devotes a lot of resources to marketing. There is little doubt that the sales and marketing function in a small start-up is a major part in its success.

The key task of the venture is to create and hold on to customers through "the promise inherent in the purchase of the product or service and therefore, subsequent consumer satisfaction".

The task of marketing is therefore to define the promise the product implies to the customer and then to deliver the satisfaction that the customer expects.

In a Start-Up or a very small company, marketing is often practiced in its "regressed stage". By that, we mean, its functions are mainly restricted to sales and promotion. Most of the products shown and offered here, are tools to help you in these areas. When you have a small company or work with a start-up, this is a logical approach to the main purpose, namely getting customers. If you already have a product, and you know the range and location of your customers, your main effort has to be to satisfy and maintain these customers needs and give them satisfaction.

And that is where the Marketing Plan starts. Here are some books that will help you. Some will appeal to you more than others.

Some Books on Marketing from amazon.com

The important point is that you do the planning systematically and that you follow your plane, adjusting where necessary as you go along, but always controlling and checking how you follow the plan. The plan is not an end it itself, but a tool for the advance of your business venture!.

If you start with a new product or are looking for a product, you might still have to define the market you would like to be in, and, then create the product to satisfy that market and its customers demands. The products here should help you in that. They are practical products for a practical solution!

Some Books on Social Media Marketing from amazon.com

Products that help you penetrate the Market Place

How to Create and Sell Products online

It's the only toolkit in which Michael Green's Private System For Creating Wealth provides you with a step-by-step roadmap and illustrates precisely how to make glorious sums of money by creating and selling your own product online.

Why Is This Toolkit Different
From All Other Products?

Simple. It's bang up to date! Everything is based on experience from marketing online up to this year.

This toolkit was created from Michael Greens own private notes, drawing on his experience of selling actual products to real people at this very moment in time.

So there's no lengthy theory -- because there doesn't need to be. Instead, he shows you real-life, currently-operating examples drawn from his own "How To" product range of how he went from ZERO to crazy -- almost unbelievable -- success in next to no time at all.


Interserver Webhosting

Selling your product (or service) on the net is an art form, combined with science! And if you could only somehow find the right keys to unlock the full promotional potential of your product, then you would be making a small (or more likely, large) fortune online!

So at long last, here's a toolkit that's going to give you the 24 proven Power Keys which are guaranteed to promote your product and turn it into a top-line internet seller. Yep, these are the exact same tools that the most successful marketers use time-after-time to promote my market-leading products. And now you can use them all for yourself.

Turn your existing product into a super hot top-seller on the Net.Yes, that is the exact formula that I personally use. Follow it to the letter and I virtually guarantee that your product will quickly become an online sensation.
Instantly rejuvenate your flagging online sales by discovering how to promote your product using the 24 secret Power Keys.  If you've got a product, but it isn't selling so well, then How To Promote A Product will pick it up by its bootstraps and yank it back right where it belongs - selling day and night - and putting cash back in your bank account!
Use it to launch your new products (or services) and turn them into overnight "tearaway" successes. You heard me... this toolkit will work for you whether you've got an existing product or you need to start promoting your brand new -- soon to be launched -- product.
Take someone else's product and promote it like there's no tomorrow. Whoa... check this out. One of the coolest things about my secret promotion formula is that you can use every one of these tools to market someone else's product, as an affiliate marketer. In fact you'll probably end up making more cash than the owner!
Are you a 'newbie' looking to market your first product (or someone else's product)?  Hey that's okay, now there's no need to allow inexperience of the internet marketing world to prevent you from clocking up stunning sales. Just follow the system that I've laid out for you in easy-to-follow black and white
Are you an experienced marketer? That's great. We all need new ideas and refreshers from time to time. How To Promote A Product will provide that spark of life that your recent marketing may have been missing. Time to recharge your batteries and explode your sales once again.
Wondering if this toolkit applies to you.  Stop right there. These 24 proven Power Keys to promoting your product apply to you no matter what you are selling online. That's right. You could be selling cod liver oil, widgets or an internet marketing product. All that matters is that you're setting out to promote your product online. Eureka - you've just found How To Promote A Product!
Supercharge your sales.  Why settle for selling your product now and then when it could be selling like H-O-T-C-A-K-E-S....E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y?  If your product isn't selling as well as you'd like I wouldn't mind betting that it's nothing to do with the product itself and EVERYTHING to do with the way that you're currently promoting it online.


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To Make Effective Presentations

Imagine that the next time you stand up to make a presentation you're simply brimming with confidence. In fact you are so certain that you'll "blow-away" your audience that you'll deliver your presentation with even more confidence and panache.

Is that too difficult to imagine?

It shouldn't be. But you must have the right tools. You see presentational skills are not something that people are born with, they have to be nurtured. Fortunately, it is a fact, that 96% of presentational skills can be taught and with the right teacher, they can be learned in under a day!

Think about it. In less than 60 minutes from now, you could have turned yourself into a confident, professional and polished presentational performer! Suddenly you'll be able to "wow your audiences" with your presentational self-confidence, speaking and acting like a complete pro.

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